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Finally Looking to Switch It Up?

I did and it's changed my life forever.

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I'm Emoni Bolden, a 25 year old college drop out...
My life has always been work, school, bad health, and burn out.
I'm a home body who helps take care of her retired mother. Other than that my life has been extremely similar to many others out there.

I was at my breaking point of terrible health and financial stress, when I FINALLY decided to switch up my life to strive for my passion AND financial freedom. 

I enrolled in affordable if not free coaching programs, read books, and attended seminars. All of them helped in some way, but a few were really the driving forces behind my change and I am forever thankful.

So now I'm making it my mission to help others find their OWN path to success without sacrificing personal happiness. Trust me you'll surprise YOURSELF with your results. 

A Little Effort In Can Go A Long Way

Before Personal Empowerment

After Personal Empowerment

  • Stressed About Financials
  • Hated My Job
  • ​Self-Depreciation
  • ​Poor Health 
  • Making More Financially
  • Loving My Job
  • Self-Satifaction
  • ​Healthy